Zara Tindall wiped blood from Wembley seat after husband Mike broke up fight between two rowdy England fans

ZARA Tindall had to wipe blood from a seat in Wembley stadium after her husband Mike broke up a fight between two rowdy England fans.

The royal, 40, pulled a hankie from her handbag to clean up the mess just before kick-off.

Former rugby ace Mike, 42, had stepped in after a spectator was punched and had his nose broken.

A source told The Sun: “Tensions had got a bit heated near to where Zara and Mike were sitting because it had got quite crowded.

“Two fans ended up in a punch-up and Mike had to step in to save the day.

“He stood between them and pulled them apart before stewards could get them under control.

“Unfortunately some blood ended up near Zara and she had to use a tissue to mop it up.

“It was absolute mayhem. Wembley were very lucky Mike was able to take control of the chaos.”


Zara and Mike, who recently welcomed their third child, were among 60,000 fans at Wembley for the historic final last night.

The royal's cousin Prince William was also in attendance with wife Kate and Prince George.

The drama came after ticketless fans managed to breach security to get into Wembley.

Eager supporters pushed past barricades as cops desperately tried to stop the wave of supporters.

Security and police removed those who made it inside.

A furious brawl also erupted between a set of fans – just minutes before the Three Lions took the field against Italy.

A young boy was punched and a fan kicked on the ground during the chaotic scenes at Wembley.

Wembley Stadium confirmed there had been “an incident” involving a “small group of people”.

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