WW3 fears: China shows off huge military might as troops simulate Taiwan invasion

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Beijing’s simulation of an amphibious invasion came amid celebrations of China’s National Day, held at the weekend. The latest military drill saw China’s air, navy, and ground forces launch a simulated attack on the independently governed Taiwan, which Beijing claims as part of its ‘One China’ policy. The drill was released as a video and shown on Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

A drone ship could be seen clearing the obstacles on the way to the landing beach.

Helicopters then dropped Chinese soldiers via ropes onto the beach.

Beijing also declared it had stopped “hundreds of espionage attempts” by Taiwanese agents from trying to stop China’s goal to take over the island.

One man who owned an optical company in Taiwan was “disappeared” by Chinese authorities after taking a photograph of Chinese military police in Shenzhen.

The man then shared the photograph with a friend.

State-run tabloid the Global Times said the photograph, “could be used by overseas forces to analyse the military personnel, equipment, scale, military capabilities and intention, which would severely harm state security.

“He will be severely punished by the law.”

The US has met China’s growing sea power in the Taiwan Strait with sales of F16 fighter jets to Taipei and deployment of long-range bombers.

This year the US has flown B-1B and B-52 bombers over strategic maritime regions, including the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Sea of Japan.

This has antagonised Beijing who has deployed both of their aircraft carriers to the Taiwan Strait.

A Chinese security official speaking to the Global Times said Mr Lee’s act was a “typical case of Taiwan’s independence forces interfering with Hong Kong affairs”.

The act had violated article 38 of Hong Kong’s new national security law, which China uses to suppress criticism of the ruling regime.

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The law applies to anyone, anywhere in the world who encourages secession.

Speaking about the new law, the official added: “We are solemnly warning Taiwan’s independence forces not to test the law.”

However, Taiwan’s president Tsai said she was encouraged by Xi Jinping’s UN General Assembly speech where he said that China would not become an expansionist nation.

On Saturday President Tsai said: “As countries in the region and around the world are now concerned about China´s expanding hegemony, we hope this is the beginning of genuine change.”

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