Woman who saw ‘huge creature crawling on moon’ dismisses claims it was TV aerial

A Liverpool woman insists she has captured a "creature crawling over the moon" on camera.

Danielle Currums says she photographed a lot more than she planned for when attempting to test out her new phone camera on last month's Supermoon.

The 40-year-old said she could not believe her eyes as a freakish giant object floated over the moon, and had to do a "double-take" when she saw the snaps.

Social media users have since dismissed Danielle's claims of alien activity and insist she has only caught the silhouette of a television aerial.

Mr Currums from Woodchurch, Wirral, told the Liverpool Echo: "I was about to go to bed when I remembered the Supermoon and wanted to test out my new Samsung Galaxy S20 camera to see how good it was.

"I knew I had missed it at its peak of 10pm, but had a clear view so started taking some pictures.

"I was delighted with them, until I noticed a big, dark, black thing. It looked like a creature crawling over the moon – I could not believe my eyes.

"So much so, that I had to look at the moon with a marked eye to ensure it was not an aerial.

"And there it was, it was on the moon. And it was not long before the whole thing floated past and disappeared into darkness."

Danielle had taken the series of photos on May 7 at around 11pm and posted the images to Facebook to see if anyone else could tell her what it might be.

She said: "I got a lot of stick for it, lots of people telling me it was a TV aerial – I am not that stupid, I would know if it was a TV aerial or not.

"There are no TV aerials where I live, I could see the moon clearly and it was so high up there was no way I was going to get an aerial in the shot.

"And it definitely floated past the moon. And no, I hadn't been drinking or taken any medication that could have affected my vision.

"And no, I don't think it was aliens because I don't believe in them."

Like Danielle, The Space Centre UK has ruled out it being the International Space Station as it casts an entirely different shadow over the moon.

But the centre did suggest to the Echo it could be a TV aerial that was inadvertently captured – something Danielle said was not possible.

Danielle added: "In hindsight, I should have taken a video to show it moving.

"I will next time, although I have missed the last Supermoon this year – the Strawberry moon because it was too overcast this weekend."

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