Woman ‘too beautiful to be Oxford graduate’ blasts trolls’ fake degree claims

A genius Oxford University PhD student has slammed trolls who claim she is too beautiful to be that clever.

Kate Zhu Wenqi, 28, suffered a huge backlash on Chinese social media earlier this year after sharing a snap of her second Masters degree in March which was seen by 160 million people.

According to Weibo users in China, Zhu must be faking her impressive academic success in maths at Oxford because she doesn't fit the typical mould of a nerdy-looking man.

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The South Morning China Post reports a vicious bullying campaign was launched by jealous trolls who couldn't accept Zhu's achievements particularly as she also shares snaps of a fun-loving outgoing lifestyle.

While studying Dphil in Mathematics, her followers are often given an insight into her pastimes of travel, rowing, rock climbing, golf and horse riding.

The 28-year-old returned to Oxford working at after working at banking heavy weights JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong following her first Masters degree.

Last week, Zhu addressed the bitterness, saying that she'd “experienced many emotions over the past half a year and had received plenty of encouragement and sincerity”.

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She continued: “Does releasing one’s selfies mean the person is poor at studying? It’s time to break this stereotype.

“I just want to say that as long as the stereotype exists, it should be slapped.”

For all the hatred there have been plenty of supportive messages for her to hang on to as she continued her studies.

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She added on Weibo: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

According to her LinkedIn profile, Zhu grew up in southern China and at the age of just 16, she was admitted to Oxford’s mathematics department in 2010.


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