Woman ‘lives on Jelly Babies and Mars bars’ as she can’t afford new wheelchair

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A woman with cerebral palsy has been left housebound and "surviving off Jelly Babies and Mars bars” for the past six months after her wheelchair had to be thrown out and is unable to afford a new one.

Anastasia Tempest, from Leeds, has set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise the £9,000 needed to purchase a new electric wheelchair.

The writer is reliant on a wheelchair to do everyday tasks as part of her condition and since throwing out her old chair, which had become unusable, has not even been able to leave the house LeedsLive reports.

Even though she was told she could get a wheelchair on the NHS, Anastasia says this would be "basic" and "no help" as she would struggle to manoeuvre it around.

She said: "I'm living in a mess. I have an inaccessible kitchen and I'm unable to cook so I'm drinking orange juice, water and cranberry juice. I'm having fluids but barely any food.

"I usually just eat Mars bars and Jelly Babies.

"For several months now, since my last wheelchair was beyond use, I've been housebound. I spent a lot of time reaching out to people on Facebook and Twitter, and I do a lot of writing.

"I can't really clean the house either, I have a decent hoover but I can't push it."

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Anastasia says in recent years her cerebral palsy symptoms have progressively got worse.

Before her symptoms worsened, Anastasia had lived a vibrant life and often like to attend professional parties, partake in volunteer work and was very much an "active member of society".

But the last six months have been especially hard – and she's been left unable to leave her home.

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"Isolation and loneliness is the hardest," she said.

"I have one very good friend who is supportive and helps me out."

But Anastasia desperately wants to get back to some form of normality, and so has set up aGoFundMe page to raise enough funds to buy an electric wheelchair.

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"An electric wheelchair would make all the difference to my life. Right now, I'm housebound and feel like a caged rabbit.

"I would love to go back to university, get back outside to improve my health and get a part-time job.

"But none of that would be possible for me without an electric wheelchair. It's incredibly frustrating, I want to build back my life and get back to the life I once had."

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