Woman caught speeding poses behind the wheel of flash new police car

A woman who was caught speeding posed with a massive grin on her face at the wheel of a flash new police car.

The young woman, named Morganne, who lives in Saint-Étienne in France, was on a business trip this Friday when she was caught putting her foot down at around 9am.

Driving at 98mph instead of 80mph, she was given points on her license and ordered to pay a 90 euro (£79) fine on the spot.

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Despite her punishment, the speedster still managed to walk away with a smile on her face as she told the attending police officers that she was a lover of "beautiful mechanics".

She complimented the coppers on their car – a Renault Alpine A110 Pure with 252 horsepower.

Morganne told Le Progres News: "I told them that I thought their car was great! This new Alpine, I had only seen it at the Auto Show and on TV, in the Turbo show. So, I took the liberty of asking them if I could take a photo."

She added that it was the first time that she had ever "been in violation" of driving laws.

The sequined blue sports car moves at impressive speeds, going from 0 to 62mph in 4.5 seconds.

Much to her delight, the police officers actually let her sit in the car as she posed behind the wheel for a picture.

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She later posted the pic to her social media account as she said: "Really, it was very nice of them. It was great to get behind the wheel of such a car!"

The Departmental Road Safety Squadron (EDSR) said that the photo with the vehicle, that the department has owned since Spring, is "exceptional".

They added: "The Alpine is there to curb dangerous behaviour at the wheel and ensure the safety of road users."

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