Wife fumes after husband returns from massage parlour with STI

A wife was left fuming after her husband's frequent visits to a massage parlour resulted in him contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous told Richmond News in Canada her husband was caught contracting the infection after her partner became "addicted" to the unlicensed sex service at the establishment which could not be named for legal reasons.

Thankfully, the STI was treated before she became affected too – but she still banished him to the couch for his antics.

She added: "I still had to get two shots of penicillin in the ass to make sure of that. How many of these girls are there against their will?

"I'm not sure but it wouldn't surprise me if there might even be a minor or two thrown in the mix. How are these places being overlooked?”

But despite the not-so-happy ending, she claims her husband has admitted to returning to the parlour for more.

She then marched into the parlour with his photo, demanding that they refuse to serve him in the future before reporting the service to the authorities.

However, city spokesperson Clay Adams said that officers found “no evidence of practice or activity that would contravene the requirements of the business license.”

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But a March 2020 report by the local media publication found that six “body rub” establishments in Richmond were advertising services from sex workers on vanpeople.com — a Chinese language website for free classified ads.

At the time, Councillor Alex Loo wanted the city to crack down on the use of the establishments.

She said: “I think the city does everything it can, as it stands. But technically, we license prostitution here and we’re not the only community to have done it.

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“There is a sense that, in the past, we wanted (sex workers) off the street, so we licensed the (body rubs).

“My concern is still that, in some of these situations, you have women or younger girls that are not from here, so there is trafficking and coercion involved.

“There is an argument that it is a women’s right to do this, ‘it’s a legitimate job,” etc. That’s all very woke, but I’m not sure the people who say that would like their daughter involved in that trade.”

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