Western weapons ‘already making a difference’ in Ukraine – ‘Just a question of time’

Ukraine war: Food is the Kremlin's 'arsenal of terror'

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Vitaliy Kim, governor of the southern Mykolaiv region, made the comments on Wednesday, despite the fact that his region is still partially occupied by Russia. Mr Kim told Reuters that Ukrainian forces had “some success” against Russian forces in recent weeks in the neighbouring Kherson region.

He said: “It is already happening … and we will have (more) success.

“We are talking about artillery. It is already working in our region.”

However, he declined to say which Western weapons were being used.

Both Russian and Ukrainian forces have mainly focused on the eastern Donbas region in recent weeks.

However, the control of the remaining Black Sea coastline is also crucial, particularly for Ukraine’s future economic prosperity.

This is particularly the case for regions such as Odessa and Mykolaiv.

Mr Kim also added that in order to make significant breakthroughs in the south Ukraine will need more manpower.

This could involve additional mobilisation or freeing up forces in the east. 

There is also a risk that Russia could launch fresh assaults on cities such as Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia.

Mr Kim added that this is something that could happen in the next few months.

He said: “In the coming months, I think they have some opportunities to attack on Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv.

“But for now we don’t see any regrouping, any big armies to attack.” 

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While things are developing fairly slowly at present “the situation could move very fast.”

It comes as Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov confirmed on Tuesday that his government will not send heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Kyiv’s ambassador to Sofia Vitaliy Moskalenko had made an official request for weapons claiming Bulgaria has Soviet era weapons that could be useful in the fight against Russia.

However, since the start of the war Sofia has refused to send weapons partly because Mr Petkov’s government includes the pro-Kremlin Bulgarian Socialist Party.

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