‘We will fight’ Chilling war warning as China threatens to ‘crush’ Taiwan independence bid

China: Taiwan ‘essential’ to Jinping’s ‘grip on power’ says Davis

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The country’s Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe warned China would “fight at all costs” to defence Taiwan. This came after US President Joe Biden issued a stark message to China over Taiwan. He said Xi Jinping was “flirting with danger” by flying its warplanes close to Taiwan, vowing to protect the island militarily if it was attacked.

Taiwan considers itself a sovereign nation but it has long been claimed by China.

There have been growing concerns that China will attempt to use military force to take control of the island, as the country has built up its military presence near Taiwanese airspace.

China increasingly sends warplanes into Taiwan’s air defence zone, with the largest group of planes crossing into the zone last month.

The US has sent numerous naval ships into Taiwanese waters as a show of support.

Speaking on Sunday at the Shangri-la Dialogue – an Asian security summit held in Singapore – China’s Defence Minister said: “Let me make this clear: if anyone dares to secede Taiwan from China, we will not hesitate to fight.

“We will fight at all costs and we will fight to the very end.

“This is the only choice for China.”

The US has historically been ambiguous about whether or not it would formally intervene if China attacked Taiwan.

But in October last year, US President Joe Biden confirmed that he would “vow to protect Taiwan”.

He later told CNN that the US has a “commitment” to defend Taiwan.

Earlier this week, Xi Jinping signed a directive allowing for “non-war” uses of the military.

This has sparked concern that the country could use its forces for a “special military operation”, in a similar manner to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The directive comes into force tomorrow, and provides “the legal basis for troops to carry out military operations other than war”, state media reported.

It aims to help maintain “national sovereignty … regional stability and regulating the organization and implementation of non-war military operations”.

Mr Xi is currently seeking a third term in office in an unprecedented move.

He has made the “reunification” of China with Taiwan part of his stated re-election mission.

Wu Qiang, a political analyst in Beijing told the Telegraph that the new directive has “political implications toward Taiwan.”

He added: “The reunification with Taiwan is one of the basics of why Xi will go on to a third term.”

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