Unemployed woman who lied she was a key worker for Covid test doesn’t apologise

An unemployed woman who lied about being a key worker so she could get a coronavirus test said she did it to keep her “family safe”.

The completely unrepentant woman, who remained anonymous, was interviewed on BBC Breakfast this week in the wake of the spiralling test crisis.

The woman brazenly admitted: “I put in I was unemployed.

“As soon as you clicked it there was no site available – as soon as I tried to change the unemployed bit to a key worker that’s how I got this.”

She was then asked if she felt guilty and replied: “No. I’m keeping my family safe and keeping everyone else safe.

“I think there should be a lot more tests or we’re all going to get it.”

The government has come under heavy criticism in recent weeks for a testing fiasco which has seen people with coronavirus symptoms have to travel more than 300 miles to get a test.

There have also been huge queues at sites across the country, with many people showing up without an appointment.

Centres have had to turn people away because there are no tests left.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock blamed the British public earlier in September for the failure.

He said: “We have seen an increase in demand, including people who are not eligible for tests, and people who don’t have symptoms.”

The government’s prioritisation for NHS staff to get tested has also meant thousands of pupils and teachers have been unable to be checked for the virus, Daily Mail reports.

Some schools have reported up to a fifth of their staff having to stay at home with coronavirus symptoms.

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