Trump 'won't go to Joe Biden's inauguration' as he continues battle over 2020 election results

DONALD Trump is refusing to attend Biden's inauguration as he continues to decry the election results, according to reports.

Trump has repeatedly claimed his presidential battle with Joe Biden was "rigged" and has slammed the Democratic victor as a "phony" president.

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"He has no concession speech ready and no intention of recognizing Joe Biden's presidency," a GOP insider reportedly said.

"His sons and closest aides have been egging him on while no one else dares raise the delicate matter that he has lost and needs to consider life post-presidency.

"In his mind, he never looked past election day because he is superstitious and he thought it was bad luck."

The news comes as a "rogue staffer" claimed he "won't leave White House in January" and "told aides to 'write his name on everything.'"

While Biden urges Americans to mask up with a vaccine on the way, Trump has barricaded himself in the White House surrounded by loyalists egging on his defiance.

The Daily Mail reported that the atmosphere inside in now "manic, exuberant, energized and toxic" as the election tensions intensify.

Trump's staff have taken to lighting rose-scented candles to combat the stench of fast-food being served to his inner circle.

Usually, the person departing the Oval Office will welcome their predecessor to the coveted room, where they pose for photos and attend a swearing-in ceremony in Washington DC.

Biden and Trump's predecessor Barack Obama both attended his inauguration on January 20, 2017 at the US Capitol.

Based on no evidence, Trump has insisted "there is tremendous corruption and fraud going on" and demanded the vote counting stopped in states where Biden had a lead on November 3.

"This is no longer about any single election. This is about the integrity of our entire election process," he raged. "We will pursue this process through every aspect of the law.

"I will never give up fighting for you and our nation.'

The Mail revealed how Trump has rocketed between his private quarters and the Oval Office, enraged at the Republicans who weren't staunching defending his allegations of voter fraud.

To add to the administration's drama, Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows fell ill with Covid-19 after a coronavirus outbreak in the White House infected the president and First Lady Melania Trump last month.

It's been rumored that Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner has urged him to concede, while Donald Jr and Eric continue to issue incendiary tweets with Don Jr calling for "total war" over the election last week.

But Kushner and Ivanka Trump's "willingness to lead a difficult intervention isn't clear," CNN noted and other top aides like Mike Pence haven't been seen in public in days.

Meanwhile, former GOP president George W. Bush and Senator Mitt Romney of Utah have both issued their congratulations to Biden – but Trump is adamant that his four more years in power have been stolen.

"The President is crazy like a fox," the source said. "People mock him but he's someone who prepares well in advance and he has spent months setting up the scenario that mail-in votes are somehow fraudulent."

Trump's unsubstantiated lawsuits were dismissed or denied by judges in Michigan, Georgia, and one in Pennsylvania, while last Friday another judge ruled that the late ballots be counted separately in PA counties.

The outgoing president has reportedly been incensed at his lawyers and accused them of not doing enough research on the battleground Keystone State.

Votes postmarked for Election Day, November 3, were eligible to be counted there up until Friday night.

As the prospect of Trump being marched out of the White House by the Secret Service and US Marshals looms, GOP insiders insisted this wouldn't not happen.

A GOP source noted that with this fighting narrative "he's not a loser, he was robbed," which gives him another opportunity to run in 2024.

Meanwhile, Trump and Biden both praised a Covid-19 vaccine that is finally on the horizon courtesy of Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer as cases in the USA top 10 million.

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