Trump is the 'only one' taking action to send out $1,200 checks because Dems 'failed,' WH chief of staff says

WHITE House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said President Trump is the "only one" making moves to get financial relief to American people amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Meadows slammed Democrats on Capitol Hill who he said "failed to come together on anything that would address … enhanced unemployment [and] eviction protections," during a Monday interview with CBS This Morning.

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Meadows went on to say that because of this "failure," the president took matters into his own hands by issuing four executive orders aimed at providing economic relief at the beginning of August.

Extended enhanced unemployment benefits and eviction protections were included in the president's orders, as well as a payroll tax cut and a continued suspension of student loan payments. A second round of stimulus checks for qualified Americans was not included.

Meadows applauded the president's moves, but called on Congress to move on a relief bill as well.

"I'm calling on Congress to come together," he said.

"This president is willing to sign it. Hopefully, we'll get something done."

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Congress has yet to come to an agreement on what should be included in a second coronavirus relief package.

House Democrats passed the $3trillion HEROES Act in May, but Senate Republicans countered with a much slimmer $1trillion package.

Both packages included another $1,200 check for eligible Americans.

Since Congress adjourned for a summer recess, it is unlikely that a bill will pass in August.

However, there is some hope that Congressional Dems and Republicans will return on September 8 with a renewed focus on passing a bill – and start getting checks out within weeks.

Meadows has been highly critical of Democrats when it comes to passing another coronavirus relief package, as has the president.

House Democrats passed the $3trillion HEROES Act in May, but Senate Republicans countered with a much smaller $1trillion package this month. Both packages did include another round of $1,200 stimulus checks for eligible Americans.

However, Democrats and Republicans have not been able to come to an agreement about how to move forward on several aspects of a relief package – with both sides blaming the other for stalling the bill.

The deadline to agree on a package came and went earlier this month, and Congress adjourned for summer break without coming to an agreement.

Congress was not meant to meet again until September 8, however, there was some hope that talks of stimulus checks would begin again when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called lawmakers back to Washington DC last week for a vote on a $25billion funding bill for the US Postal Service.

However, a bill has still not been agreed on.

The fate of a second round of stimulus checks remains uncertain.

Forbes predicts that a package will not be approved in August, but there is a slight chance that Congress – after returning from recess – will move in a bill in September.

In that case, Americans could see another round of checks hit their bank accounts in October.

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