Tragic boy lost all his fingers and toes after disease left him clinging to life

A heartbroken mum is pleading for help to get her young son walking "pain free" after sepsis caused the tissue in his hands and feet to die.

Tragic Jakub Kolek was just 18 months old when he was rushed to hospital and medics were unsure he would survive the silent killer.

Although he managed to pull through, young Jakub was left with severe damage to his limbs and lost multiple fingers and toes.

Jakub, who is now six years old, struggles to walk everyday.

His desperate mum Karina is now attempting to raise funds for a £60,000 operation that might be able to give her son the "chance to be normal".

The 32-year-old mum from Edinburgh claims that she has a vivid memory of her little boy becoming unwell and claims she became "scared" from the way her son looked.

"My child was dying before my eyes," she told the Daily Record.

"The doctors said they did not know if he would make it. At one point, only his heart was still beating. So I prayed."

Thankfully Jakub was able to pull through, but mum Karina says they are left in a nightmare that has continued after he suffered Necrotising Fasciitis, which is a bug that affects tissue beneath the skin and muscles.

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The young boy lost a lot of tissue in his feet and has undergone reconstructive surgery to try and repair them so he can walk better.

But tragically during the surgery, it was noticed he had damaged growth cartilages, meaning more treatment is needed to help him walk.

Karina claims that if Jakub doesn't get more surgery soon even more damage will be done to his skin and muscles.

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She said: "Not only will that cause more pain – but in the worst case may lead to Osteomyelitis, a type of swelling in the bone, which could make him seriously ill again."

The cost of the operation in Poland is £60,000 and Karina has so far managed to raise just £485.

"I wholeheartedly ask for this help so that my son can live without pain, without a wheelchair and walk normally like other children in future", she added.

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