Thugs brawl on empty streets of Magaulf's party strip

Running brawl on the empty streets of Magaluf’s party strip as thugs throw a metal bin across the street

  • Violent street brawl broke out in popular Punta Ballena party strip which was eerily deserted after the government ordered bars and clubs to close this week
  • The video shows groups of lads squaring up and throwing punches at each other
  • One man hurls metal bin at a group who were running off down the empty street 

Violence broke out in the deserted streets of Magaluf last night when a group of youths broke out in a chaotic street brawl.

The disturbance ended with a metal bin being hurled at the retreating lads on the empty party strip in Punta Ballena.

The incident happened at the popular ‘Tiger Tiger Bar’ on what would normally be a very busy street in one Magaluf’s main party strip of bars & clubs.

The video shows a group of men squaring up to each other outside popular nightclub Tiger Tiger before some begin throwing punches.

A video has surfaced showing a violent brawl on the deserted streets of Magaluf where authorities have shut the bars and clubs in response to earlier bad behaviour by tourists

The video shows groups of young men squaring up to each other and throwing punches in front of shocked onlookers, some of whom try to intervene and can be heard shouting stop

Several small groups of men then begin brawling, chasing each other up and down the empty road, in front of shocked onlookers some of whom are shouting for them to stop.

Some people try and intervene to break up the fighting but just before it calms down, one man picks up a metal bin and hurls it down the street at a group of men running away. 

Earlier in the evening, all was calm, partly due to the presence of thirty agents, between the Civil Guard and the Calvià Local Police.

However, the dawn gave way to a new scene of violence in what could be the last fight in Punta Ballena. 

The altercation dissipated before the Civil Guard and local police officers could arrive.

The groups of lads are believed to be French but British voices can be heard. 

The incident comes after the shock announcement of the closure of the party strip – which hosts dozens of bars and clubs – following earlier scenes of bad behaviour.

The closure – until at least September 15 – is being enforced after images and a video emerged of revellers jumping on cars and ignoring the island’s coronavirus social distancing regulations.

Two other party strips in Playa de Palma, south-east of the Majorcan capital Palma, have also been shut down, known locally as Ham Street and Beer Street – or calle del Jamon and calle de la Cerveza in Spanish.

While the nationality of those involved is unknown both French and English can be heard

Earlier this week, it was reported how tourists were taking to the streets to drink after the government closed bars and clubs in a bid to prevent an increase in coronavirus cases

The enforced closures will be disappointing for thousands of Britons who were set to make the journey to take advantage of the hive of bars and clubs. Many of them will now be shut for most of the holiday season.

On Thursday night, tourists locked out of their favourite holiday haunts were spotted with alcohol from supermarkets.

Balearic Islands Tourism Minister said as he announced the three street closures: ‘The businesses in those three streets have been closed.

‘I think it’s a sufficiently clear message to those practising the type of tourism of excesses we don’t want here that they shouldn’t come because those types of establishments are not going to be able to open.

The fight ended when one group fled the scene after a man hurled a metal bin at them

‘If those holidaymakers go to other areas, and if there are businesses that promote that type of clientele, they will also be closed and they will also be prohibited.

‘We will not hesitate a single second when it comes to doing everything we need to to guarantee the health security of our citizens and our economic reactivation.

‘We are a safe destination. The vast majority of our citizens, business leaders and holidaymakers who are making a great effort do not deserve the sort of images we have seen over the past few days and they do not deserve those types of holidaymakers and those types of businessmen.’

A spokesman for Calvia Council, which includes Magaluf and has spent years trying to improve the resort’s image and curb the worst Punta Ballena excesses, said of the party strip closure ordered by the higher regional government: ‘It’s a difficult and tough measure but one that is necessary because of the potential for putting public health and the economy at risk.’

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