Thousands of Twitter users report global outage

Elon Musk discusses conspiracy theories surrounding Twitter

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Thousands of Twitter users have reported being unable to connect to their accounts in a suspected global outage, according to web monitoring website Downdetector.

It has been reported that users both in the UK and across the pond in the States have been facing issues accessing the social media site in the early hours of Thursday.

The majority of reports appeared to come from the desktop site and peaked at around 1am GMT, with the total number of outages falling over the following half hour.

The issues prompted many to poke fun at the controversy surrounding billionaire Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover.

As the hashtag ‘Twitter down’ began to trend, those with access to the site reported widespread issues, with one person joking: “Finally, Twitter has broken.”

The reported outage comes after the Tesla CEO teased plans to relinquish the CEO role at Twitter.

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Last week, roughly 57.5 percent of 17 million Twitter accounts that responded to an unscientific poll from Mr Musk said he should step down as the CEO, after helping create, then reverse new policies that proved controversial.

However, following the decisive poll, Mr Musk announced that only paid Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to vote in future policy-related polls.

While Mr Musk is an active user on the platform, he did not tweet for hours after the poll.

He finally broke his silence when he responded with “Interesting” to multiple suggestions that the results of the poll were skewed by fake accounts.

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One user suggested: “Blue subscribers should be the only ones that can vote in policy related polls.” 

To which Mr Musk replied: “Good point. Twitter will make that change.”

A decision to ban an account that tracked the location of his private jet last week was followed by a mass suspension of critical journalists who reported on the ban. 

That led in turn to an exodus of some engaged users to other social networks, with a large majority moving to competitor Mastodon, whose own account was banned for posting a link to the jet tracker’s account on the rival platform.

On Sunday, Musk reacted by banning all links to other social networks, including Mastodon, Instagram, Facebook, and even minor platforms such as Nostr, used by the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, and Linktree, a homepage creation tool favoured by influencers.

That ban was rescinded by the end of the day, after a Twitter poll from the Twitter Safety account.

Musk announced: “Going forward, there will be a vote for major policy changes. 

“My apologies. Won’t happen again.”

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