Teen drug dealer dubbed ‘Kitty of Crackland’ caught ‘hiding cocaine in knickers’

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A teenager dubbed the “Kitty of Crackland” was caught with drugs in her underwear at a hotspot for drug-dealing in Brazil, foreign media reports.

Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro was allegedly found hiding cannabis in her bra and cocaine and crack cocaine in her knickers when she was strip-searched by police.

She was arrested in an area of the city of Sao Paulo dubbed Cracolandia (Crackland), due to the amount of drug dealing and public drug use, back in June this year.

Romeiro was released on bail because she had to look after her baby daughter.

However, she was quickly arrested for a second time after she failed to inform police she had changed addresses.

Romeiro was nicked at her boyfriend's house in the nearby city of Barueri in July with police finding a rucksack containing large quantities of cannabis, cocaine, crack cocaine, chloroethane and ecstasy.

The Judiciary of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo denied a request of bail made by the lawyer so she could look after her daughter following the second arrest.

Judge Gerdinaldo Quichaba Costa said the reasons for her preventive custody still applied, and, as such, there was no justification for her provisional release.

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He wrote: "Especially, the guarantee of public order, as the accused was arrested in flagrante delicto for the crime of drug trafficking, and was already undergoing other legal proceedings in relation to the same crime."

He rejected the possibility of house arrest, stating: "The defendant failed to comply with the same benefit in other legal proceedings recently."

According to investigators, Romeiro earned on average the equivalent of £818 per day from drug dealing.

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She allegedly sold drugs she had bought for £2,861 per kilogramme for £4,768 per kilogramme, representing a 67% markup.

It has been reported Romeiro would wear dark clothing and a hat or hood to avoid standing out while selling drugs.

The police believe she was a high-ranking drug dealer and they are investigating whether she was involved with a criminal gang.

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