Taylor Swift surpasses Michael Jackson AMAs record

Taylor Swift has made history, officially breaking a music record long held by Michael Jackson.

On Nov. 24, during the 2019 American Music Awards (or AMAs), the 29-year-old went from having 23 AMA trophies to a whopping 29.

She was awarded with not only the ‘Artist of the Decade’ award, but the ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Favourite Pop/Rock Album’ awards, among three others.

The previous AMA record was achieved by the late-King of Pop in 2009, where he posthumously won four of the prestigious awards; bringing him to a total of 25.

Though Jackson still owns the No. 2 spot, he previously held the record for years, and even spent years battling the late-Whitney Houston for it.

In 1984, Jackson became the first artist to ever win eight awards in one night. This came as a result of the success of his seminal sixth solo record, Thriller.

The Billie Jean singer maintained the impressive record for the most AMAs until 1994, where Houston won eight awards — leaving the artists tied at 19 awards each.

Jackson won an additional award in 1996, before Houston brought home another two in ’97.

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