Taxi crushed by semi on Highway 97 in West Kelowna

A possibly fatal crash closed the westbound lanes of Highway 97 at Bartley Rd. in West Kelowna on Friday morning.

A westbound, white taxi, believed to have been waiting at the light, was struck by a fast moving semi hauling a CN trailer.

The collision happened around 2 a.m. and traffic in the area was sparse.

The taxi was pushed 100 metres down the highway before both vehicles came to a stop.

The car’s back end was pushed into the front seats.

The semi’s hood was demolished.

It is unknown how many occupants were in the taxi, but one person was transported to hospital by ambulance while emergency crews continued to rope off the crash area and attend to the wreck.

The semi driver was seen returning to his cab after speaking with RCMP and did not look to be injured.

RCMP attending the accident said they would not be offering comment.

Another semi driver who was carrying a first- aid kit away from the crash said he witnessed the collision but was told by police he couldn’t comment to media.

There is no estimated time when Highway 97 will reopen.



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