Sussex ‘apology’ demands ‘difficult’ and prevent reconciliation, expert claims

Demands for an "apology" are preventing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from reconciliation with the Royal Family, an expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex has made it clear that the "ball is in their court" when it comes to coming together following the blowout of his memoir's claims.

But hopes of coming together may be scuppered by a "difficult" position that the Sussexes are said to have put the Royal Family in, according to a source.

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That same insider has claimed the "capitulation and apology" will be difficult for the Palace to offer because of a key difficulty between the Firm and the Sussexes, Express reported.

An unnamed source said: "The problem is that [the Sussexes] want a capitulation and apology by the palace, but when 'recollections vary,' that's quite difficult."

It comes as a second palace source revealed that a "ghastly" series of events was set to overshadow what should have been "joyful" moments for the King's start to life on the throne.

They said: "Although there is sorrow because the Queen has died, the coronation should be a joyful moment, too, because Charles will be crowned. But this is a massive shadow."

That massive shadow appeared to be the release of Spare, which has left Prince William "most upset" and makes the reunion King Charles is keen for look increasingly unlikely.

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Claims from expert Valentine Low showed that the family do not want to "prolong" the troubles as it means there is "less hope" of reconciliation.

Low said: "They didn't want to fan the flames of the rift and the dispute. They know that anything said in a statement or a briefing would prolong it.

"They wanted it to calm down as soon as possible. The longer it goes on, the less hope there is for reconciliation."

Hopes of reconciliation come as Daily Star previously reported King Charles is hopeful of having both of his sons present at the coronation this May.

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