Student nurse finds 'freak' Percy Pig in a packet

He’s not afraid of the big bad wolf! Student nurse finds ‘evil’ Percy Pig with one ear and demonic expression in her packet

  • Student nurse Millie Watkins bought a packet of Percy Pig sweets from M&S
  • Ms Watkins  spotted the  freak sweet at her home in Worcester, West Midlands
  • She took a photograph of the deformed Percy and sent it to her friend Laura
  • Despite the sweet’s  odd looks, Ms Watkins said she had no problem in eating it 

A sweet-toothed student nurse was stunned to discover a ‘evil and sinister’ one-eared Percy Pig glaring at her from a packet of the usually friendly iconic M&S treats.

Millie Watkins was relaxing at home with her boyfriend Si when she tucked into a packet of Percy Pigs – gummy sweets that usually feature the eponymous Percy smiling in a friendly manner.

But while enjoying her sweet treat, Ms Watkins was stunned to unearth one with a villainous-looking visage – sporting just one ear and a menacing grin under a furrowed brow.

Student nurse Millie Watkins discovered this freakish looking Percy Pig sweet at her home in Worcester, West Midlands

Millie Watkins, pictured, said despite the odd looking sweet it tasted like a normal Percy Pig

After taking a quick snap of the sinister sweet to send to best friend Laura, 27-year-old Ms Watkins ate the sweet declaring that he ‘tasted just as good as any other one’.

Percy Pig apologised for having an ‘off day’ and suggested Ms Watkins must have caught him ‘before his morning mud bath’.

Ms Watkins, from Worcester, West Midlands, said: ‘He looks really, really sinister, I think it’s the fact he’s got a furrowed brow and only has one proper ear and the other one’s not there.

‘When I told a friend about it she said “oh my god maybe he’s been fighting with Colin the Caterpillar”.

‘He would definitely be the villain in a cartoon. No big bad wolf is going to touch this Percy Pig, they’re going to go “oh I don’t want to go near him”.

‘It’s a Percy Pig, I couldn’t not eat it, but I wanted to show friends what he looked like. He tasted just as good as any other one.’

Ms Watkins sent a photograph of the freak Percy Pig to her best friend Laura

Ms Watkins paid £1.65 for the packet of sweets and said the weird Percy will not put her off buying some more in future

Ms Watkins picked up the £1.65 grape and raspberry-flavoured sweets as a treat while shopping at the M&S Foodhall at Blackpole Retail Park in Worcester on October 25.

It was when she got home later that day that she spotted the peevish pig peering out of the packet.

Ms Watkins said: ‘I popped into M&S to get a few bits and bobs for dinner.

‘Percy Pigs are my little vice, I love them and I bought myself them as a little treat.

‘I was munching on them when I was at home and then thought ‘oh my god look at this pig, he looks so angry’.

‘I didn’t squash him at all, he was like that when he came out of the packet.

‘It was really bizarre, there was no flattened part on him, his face was just like that. He’s got a proper angry face.

‘I was with my boyfriend when I opened the bag, he rolled his eyes and called me daft at the time – he laughed about the pig too.’

Despite being taken aback by the sullen swine’s expression, Ms Watkins said it hasn’t put her off eating the sweet treat in future.

She said: ‘I didn’t see any others like that in the packet, it was just a pure one-off. It was just a pig having a bad day.

‘It’s not put me off having them in future.’

Percy Pig said: ‘What can I say, we all have our off days. I’m a very good-natured pig most of the time, but Millie must have caught me before my morning mud bath.’

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