Smart doorbells could INCREASE the chances of a break-in, experts warn

Smart doorbells are ‘affluence cues’ that could INCREASE the chances of a break-in, experts warn

  • Experts say the doorbells are used to target properties with high-value items 
  • Research by Cranfield University found burglars can hack into the technology
  •  Smart doorbell provider insists device helps people protect their homes 

Having a smart doorbell could increase the chances of a break-in, experts have warned.

They said the doorbells, which are connected to the internet and use video to show homeowners who’s calling, were unlikely to have a ‘significant effect on residential burglary’.

The devices are designed to improve security, but researchers at Cranfield University near Bedford concluded that they gave ‘affluence cues’ to a homeowner’s standard of living, adding: ‘Experienced burglars use these to identify properties with potentially more high-value items.’

Researchers at Cranfield University concluded say they give ‘affluence cues’ to burglars 

The research found burglars could also hack into the technology. Cyber security expert Duncan Hodges, who led the research, said: ‘Experienced burglars are really good at detecting cues from the exterior of properties… working out which have a stash of laptops. If you have a smart device, you’re more likely to have high-value tech.

‘If you’re using it as a security device, I’d suggest the money could be better spent elsewhere.’

But a smart doorbell provider said customers insisted the devices ‘help them protect their homes’.

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