Shocking moment McDonald's bouncer shoves customer to the floor

Shocking moment McDonald’s bouncer shoves young customer to the floor ‘in row over chips’

  • A McDonald’s bouncer was filmed shoving a customer to the floor
  • The Saturday bust-up in Leeds, West Yorkshire, happened after a ‘row over chips’

This is the shocking moment a McDonald’s bouncer body shoves a customer to the ground.

The footage was captured outside the fast food restaurant at St John’s in Leeds, West Yorkshire, on Saturday night.

The bust up is said to have happened after security ejected another girl customer for eating in the queue.

A group of male strangers are then seen trying to calm the situation before it exploded into violence.

One of the girls said: ‘Would never normally do this but the kind of stuff bouncers get away with is honestly disgusting.

‘This was after my friend had been told to leave because she was eating some chips in the queue and we said can she stand to the side instead of outside on her own at night.

The footage shows the security guard  in West Yorkshire arguing with a group of people outside the fast food chain 

A McDonald’s bouncer body shoved a customer to the ground in Leeds allegedly over a row about chips

‘The girl on the left, asked outside why she had to leave and the security guard on the right pushed her over and was verbally aggressive calling us “b*****s”, “sluts” and “slags”.

‘Fortunately, some strangers attempted to defend us resulting in this.

‘Multiple times they tried to stop him and he continued to be physically aggressive even when no one attempted to lay their hands on him.

‘Regardless of the level of alcohol, he should not get away with this.

‘I dread to think what would have happened if me and my friend were on our own and these guys hadn’t stepped in.’

No one was injured in the incident, which has caused outrage on social media.

Jodie Burke commented: ‘I use to work in this restaurant and the security was out of order a lot of times.

‘I have seen them assault people for no reason some people do get a little out of control when they’re drunk.

Both security guards are seeing aggressively pushing people over outside McDonald’s

No one was injured in the incident, which has caused outrage on social media

The disturbing footage was captured outside the fast food restaurant at St John’s in Leeds, West Yorkshire

‘But isn’t that part of their job – to deal with people like this and not resort to violence?’

In the footage, the girl appears to be walking away when she is assaulted and pushed over.

One viewer comment read: ‘He escalated the situation by pushing a young girl in the back whilst she was walking away, literally the most cowardly thing a person can do.’

Another said: ‘To me the security pushed first. Regardless of [whether] someone been mouthy, would he have pushed a man? I doubt it as he would have got knocked out. Hope McDonald’s are proud of their security.’

Another wrote: ‘I hope this has been reported to the police and a complaint made to McDonald’s and whoever these guys work for. Should definitely lose his license and the other one should be pulled over the ropes for allowing his work colleague to basically assault however many people. There was no need for these assaults to happen. Totally out of line!!!’

McDonalds has been contacted for comment.

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