Seven Deadly Sins play is a welcome return for live theater

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‘Deadly Sins’ is deadly fun

Everything’s changing. Climate. Friendships. Politicians. Prices. Masks, yes; masks, no. Now, theater. Forget inside seeing a show. Now it’s outside.

I schlepped down to the Meatpacking District to sit on a bar mitzvah-type metal chair and watch actors INSIDE.

The show? “Seven Deadly Sins.” Seven mini playlets about greed, lust . . . the seven deadly sins. The actors, inside a cubicle. Behind glass. Dry, comfy. With mikes. The audience, outside. With headphones. After each 10-minute thing the actors remain. The audience moves. It’s over a couple of streets. Clever. Innovative. Will it win any Tony? No. A sirloin, maybe.

I loved “Watch,” where brother and sister fight over a father’s will. But, don’t think Shakespeare. The evening’s heavy on sex. Costuming, great. Set-ups, great. Idea, great.

One, titled “Lust,” has actress Donna Carnow pole-dancing. So expressive she could end up with conditions only a gynecologist can cure. Patrons with marginal carnal knowledge might find the gymnastics a smear over the top — and bottom. It was more movement than I experienced on my wedding night. The writhing’s voiced by pre-recorded Cynthia Nixon.

There’s a crateload of people involved. Directed by Moisés Kaufman. Who found the bar mitzvah chairs I don’t know. I do know they’re thinking some nice heated indoor space come winter. If you’re into the theatrical, or sexual, and don’t mind cobblestone blocks or closed storefronts — GO. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

From Gandhi to Dali

Sir Ben Kingsley plays Salvador Dalí in the coming film “Dali Land.” Mid ’60s, early ’70s, during this particular part of his life is when eccentric genius Dalí lived in NYC’s St. Regis Hotel. But the timeframe in which this was filming made cast and crew unable to come here due to the pandemic. Thus, much was shot in Spain and the UK. A hotel in Liverpool doubled for our St. Regis. The story deals with his late years and centers around the artist’s tormented life with tyrannical wife Gala. Arguments, fights, tension. Police guarding him. The remembered happenings are told through the eyes of his young gallery assistant James. For this Sir Ben was outfitted with a Dalí-esque moustache whose ends artfully curl up nose-ward. Plus, a long, dark-brown wig. Not exactly the wardrobe when he played Gandhi in 1982.

‘Widow’ maker

Movies ago Scarlett Johansson played Russian spy “Black Widow” in the “Avengers” saga. Comes now her own stand-alone film, and with it another newer, blacker widow — Rachel Weisz. Rachel: “My character, Melina, trained in that same school, has been through that same trauma. She’s a scientist. Lives alone in Russia drinking vodka. Stuntwomen at Marvel worked on all these films. They know the ‘Black Widow’ moves and taught them to newbie me. Like a dance choreographed for you, it’s kick-ass fight scenes. Powerful women fighting each other.” Married to Daniel Craig, Weisz had a baby nine months before jumping into this. Still, her character throws back bad guys as easily as dirty diapers.


I don’t know from crypto wallets. But producers of “Alone” and “Queer Eye” are cashing in with a national cable show about people locked out of their crypto wallet. All ages. All ethnicities. The search asks stuff like: “Forgotten your crypto wallet password? Tried to unlock your crypto wallet with no luck? Want trained experts to give you help . . . if so contact them.” Yeah. Go. Do. Lots of crypto luck.

Listen to Zsa Zsa

Everyone gained poundage during the pandemic. But, just letting you know, slimming down quickly can affect your looks. As the late Zsa Zsa Gabor once told me: “Dollingk, careful loosing veight. It is either the face or the ass.”

I’ve been in the boonies all week, so I’m catching up on civilization. I’ll tell you one thing — Maine is not New York, kids, not New York.

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