Salvage operation for luxury cruiser run aground in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf under way

A salvage operation of a luxury cruiser beached in the Hauraki Gulf for five days is due to begin this afternoon.

The 15.5-metre Riviera craft, which could be worth upwards of $1 million, got in trouble and ran aground on rocks at Achilles Point near the Tāmaki River entrance in east Auckland on Wednesday, December 23.

Two people had been on the boat and needed to be rescued, but did not need any medical attention.

The boat has not budged in more than five days now, but a spokesman for Auckland’s harbourmaster said the vessel was not moving or leaking oil so it wasn’t causing any issues.

Private salvage company Marine Services Auckland has been monitoring the vessel and work to move it has begun this afternoon.

The company will first repair the boat as best as possible to enable it to float, before making an attempt to tow it off the rocks at high tide around 7pm.

A spokesman said they would then hand it over to an insurance company for assessment.

Riviera is a luxury Australian motor yacht company, and a search for vessels for sale worldwide show similar models listed for around $1m.

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