Roy Green: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s place is in Canada

Canada is a nation of laws, a nation with courts and governance, and a nation which at times of unrest, law-breaking, crisis and uncertainty, looks particularly to its prime minister for leadership.

Today, Canada finds itself slipping into lawlessness with law-enforcement increasingly reduced to impotence by paralyzed political leadership.

Cases in point: British Columbia MLAs being denied entry to the provincial legislature; intersections in Toronto faced with clogging; and Canada’s historic economic life-blood rail system stuttering to a halt, all due to expanding solidarity protests relating to the ongoing dispute over a B.C. pipeline.

As the nation slid off the rails this week (literally), where was the prime minister? He was touring Africa in pursuit of a shiny UN trinket — and a temporary one at that.

His response to the Canadian distress? From Africa, Trudeau called for meaningful talks on the growing crisis, delegating actual speaking parts on home soil Transport Minister Marc Garneau, whose contribution consisted primarily of declaring that while blocking rail lines is unlawful, it’s not Ottawa’s responsibility to sort things out. That, claimed the minister, falls on provincial governments.

With respect to Garneau, he’s not who Canadians expect to lead them to a speedy resolution to chaos — that responsibility rests on the shoulders of the prime minister.

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