Roberts says Maxwell must be arrested and Andrew belongs in jail

‘Lock them all up and throw away the key’: Virginia Roberts says Ghislaine Maxwell must be arrested and Prince Andrew belongs in jail as she accuses authorities of a cover up

  • Ms Roberts has accused the Duke of York of having sex with her when she was 17
  • Today she agreed with Twitter posts saying Prince Andrew should be in prison 
  • Prince Andrew attempted to repair his reputation in a BBC Newsnight interview
  • The move backfired and he was roundly criticised and mocked over the debacle

Virginia Roberts has said Ghislaine Maxwell should be arrested and that Prince Andrew belongs in jail – as she accuses the authorities of a cover up.

Ms Roberts, an alleged trafficking victim of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, claims she had sex with the duke three times when she was 17, which he strenuously denies. 

She alleges that after dancing with Andrew at Tramp nightclub, they later had sex at mews house in Belgravia, owned by the duke’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell, on March 10, 2001.

In a number of posts on her Twitter account today Ms Roberts agreed with other social media users suggesting the duo should face consequences from law enforcement.

Virginia Roberts (pictured with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell) says the prince had sex with her three times

Ms Roberts, now known as Mrs Guiffre, suggested that Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew should be in prison

She also suggested that people needed to keep putting pressure on the authorities to hold predators to account

In response to a post suggesting Prince Andrew should go to prison, she said: ‘Well said – keep putting pressure on the authorities to hold each and everyone who participated, enabled or knew & did nothing accountable.

‘No more charades, or games-time to start locking all the predators up!!!

‘They put us in chains not it’s their turn!’

In another post that suggested Ghislaine Maxwell be arrested, she said: ‘Amen to that!!!’

She also blasts claims the photo of her with Andrew’s arm around her lower back it doctored or fake.

In the picture of Ms Roberts – now known as Mrs Guiffre – shows Andrew with his arm around her waist at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house, who can be seen in the background of the image.

Ms Roberts said: ‘It does have a date stamp – on the back. There are so many ways I could poke holes in their ‘doctored photo’ but I don’t need to.

Virginia Roberts, appearing in an NBC interview, is set to to appear on BBC Panorama on Monday next week

‘I know it’s real, the FBI know its real, journos who’ve seen it know its real. Can’t wait to hear their next excuse.’ 

It comes just a week after Prince Andrew’s misguided attempt to repair his reputation and clarify his relationship with Epstein he was interviewed by the BBC’s Emily Maitlis on Newsnight.

It went so badly the Queen was forced to step in and effectively fire him from public duties and the duke stepped back from all of his 230 patronages.

Now Buckingham Palace is bracing itself for yet further scrutiny as Ms Roberts is being interviewed on BBC Panorama this week. It will be broadcast on Monday next week.


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