Rich Australian hedge fund founder gets out of hotel quarantine early

Super-rich Australian hedge fund founder is allowed to leave hotel quarantine after just THREE DAYS

  • Hedge fund founder Hilton Nathanson has been granted quarantine exemption 
  • Mr Nathanson, worth about $400million, returned from London on August 6 
  • He has been allowed out for a day for his father’s memorial service in Perth 

A mega-wealthy hedge fund founder has been granted special permission to leave Australian hotel quarantine after just three days to attend his father’s funeral. 

Hilton Nathanson is based in the United Kingdom where he is the chairman and founding partner of Marble Bar Asset Management and was estimated in 2015 to be worth more than $400million. 

The 51-year-old arrived in the country on a Qatar Airways flight from London via Doha on Friday – the same day the UK recorded another 31,442 Covid cases, reports. 

Hilton Nathanson (pictured) was allowed to leave hotel quarantine after three days to attend his father’s memorial service 

The UK based hedge fund manager (pictured) is worth more than $400million 

After going straight to Perth hotel quarantine, Mr Nathanson was granted a compassionate exemption to temporarily leave for one hour and attend his father Marshall’s memorial service in Guildford on Tuesday before returning to quarantine.

It is not known if Mr Nathanson has received a Covid vaccine but with 60 per cent of the UK population fully vaccinated he is likely to have. 

Hotel quarantine in Western Australia is overseen by WA Health with restrictions enforcement and exemptions administered by WA Police. 

Mr Nathanson’s exemption was understood to be under strict conditions including that he remain away from other attendees and wear a face mask. 

Only those who are Australian citizens, permanent residents or in an exempt category can enter the country from overseas. 

A mandatory 14 days of hotel quarantine is also required for anyone stepping off an international flight with the exception of the New Zealand safe travel zone. 

Mr Nathanson was born in Perth and moved to the UK in the 1990s where he established his hedge fund named after the remote town in WA’s Pilbara region. 

In 2015 he was named as on of the 25 wealthiest hedge fund managers in Britain. 

A spokesperson for Premier Mark McGowan’s office told the news, ‘The Commonwealth Government is responsible for international arrivals’. 

Mr Nathanson (pictured) runs Marble Bar Asset Management

While passenger caps are managed by the federal governments, hotel quarantine systems are the responsibility of each state. 

Hard stances on hotel quarantine and border closures despite compassionate reasons for exemption have been a longstanding source of criticism toward state premiers. 

In July the Queensland government refused to allow Anthony McCormick who rushed back from British Columbia to see his mother who had terminal cancer despite a number of negative Covid tests he received. 

Mr McCormick was later granted an exemption to attend her funeral. 

While in June James Turbitt also could not visit his dying mother after he returned from Belgium and was denied entry into WA. He was in hotel quarantine in Melbourne when she passed away. 

On Tuesday the Herald Sun revealed a fully vaccinated woman from Sydney is not being allowed to enter Victoria to see her daughter who is undergoing chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer. 

Such hardline policies were exposed as double-standards when a number of Hollywood stars have been allowed to enter the country for film shoots and elite sports players in the NRL and AFL have frequently been rushed into interstate ‘bubbles’ to avoid lockdowns. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted WA Police for comment.  

The WA Premier Mark McGowan (pictured) has previously been criticised for his hardline stance on hotel quarantine and border closures

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