Rep. Katie Porter sparks fury with Batgirl costume in Congress

Democrat Rep. Katie Porter dressed up as Batgirl on the same day as the historic vote on President Trump’s impeachment — and critics say accused her of “making a mockery” of Congress.

The California congresswoman donned the black superhero costume and mask for Halloween on Thursday — sitting in the House of Representatives next to freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib and other Democrats who were wearing regular DC garb.

The stunt was met with condemnation — with critics accusing Porter, 45, of not taking her job seriously.

“Democrat Rep. Katie Porter is making a mockery of the House of Reps,” tweeted Republican National Committee spokesman Steve Guest.

Porter changed back into normal business attire later in the day for a House Financial Services Committee vote and defended the stunt.

“Taking my work in Congress seriously doesn’t mean I take *myself* too seriously,” she wrote.

“To my kids Luke, Paul, and Betsy, I’m still just Mom—seeing the Bat Signal on Halloween & putting on a goofy costume come with the territory.”

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