Remorseless Brit ISIS bride says kids killed in Manchester bombing are just 'victims of war' as she’s let back into UK

A BRIT ISIS bride who was allowed to return to the UK calls children murdered in the Manchester Arena attack "victims of war."

Samia Hussein, 25, who joined the Islamic State in 2015, was smuggled out of Syria earlier this year and was allowed to fly into Heathrow via Turkey in July.

She was detained on suspicion of membership of a banned organisation, under Section 11 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

But when asked by The Sun whether Samia had been charged for joining a terror group, the Home Office said they could “not confirm or deny” the extremist's status for “national security” reasons.

Alan Duncan, 53, an ex-British soldier who interviewed the jihadi bride last year, slammed the Government's lack of transparency after she told him on camera that she HAD joined ISIS after seeing their sick propaganda videos online.

In her interview with Alan, Samia refused to condemn the sadistic bombing of a pop concert at Manchester Arena in 2017 which claimed the lives of 22 innocent people – including ten youngsters aged under 20.

When asked if she had a message to families of the victims, the twisted extremist compared the terror attack and the beheading of foreign aid workers to coalition attacks on the evil caliphate.

She said: “It was really a vicious cycle, everyone was killing everyone, ok.

“Like I told you, you will find that the coalition air strike will come here and bomb the women and children.

"Everyone has a part of being a victim of war. You understand?"

She added: "I am not in favour that the coalition bombed children and women.

"And I'm not in favour of them going and making attacks there.”

Samia, from Southall, West London, claims she was groomed online before fleeing to Syria to join the death cult at the height of the country's civil war in January 2015.

But within 12 months, the Brit was nearly killed when her arm and breast were blown off in a coalition air strike which left her bed-ridden for seven months.

Alan, who is developing a TV documentary about western jihadis, managed to track Samia down last year while she was held in the Kurdish-run al-Hol prisoner camp in north east Syria.

And Alan, who fought against ISIS for the Peshmerga forces, is in no doubt that the 25-year-old is still a danger to the British public.

He told The Sun: "Samia showed no empathy – nothing for the Manchester victims. She turned it back onto her self.

"Samia and other ISIS extremists believe Manchester was a reaction to the coalition – it's another part of the war.

"They see ISIS terrorists as soldiers of the caliphate.

"They don't see the terror attacks on the West as terror attacks – they see them as acts of war."

Samia told last year how she was wounded in an airstrike while living with the hellish caliphate.

 she said: “I came into the house and I just remember seeing orange but didn't notice I was injured at all and I tried to run.

“But then I realised that my arm was cut off, my chest was split open and my leg was broken – the whole bone came out.”

She says the attack was not a deliberate assault on civilians, adding: “I blame the Islamic State – you are putting things in amongst civilians and their houses… because they know the coalition won't want to hit women and children."


The Brit claims a six-month-old baby died from the attack along with a female pensioner – deaths which ISIS used in their propaganda videos.

The 25-year-old was left bed-ridden for seven months after losing her arm, one of her breasts and badly breaking her leg which doctors nearly amputated.

Duncan, a Scot, compared Samia to high-profile ISIS bride Shamima Begum, 21, who is currently attempting to return to Britain via the UK Supreme Court.

Alan said: "Yes she's still an extremist. All of them carry a threat to this country long term.

"Is she going to be stay in a safe house for the rest of her life?

"Will the UK authorities be as secretive with Shamima if she's allowed to come back?

"The British public has a right to know.

"There is no difference between Shamima and Samia. She is even more dangerous because she's older. She understood what she was joining."

And while Samia has been allowed to return to the UK, it is believed without charge, Alan was dragged through the courts for three years and was "treated worse than ISIS."

Ministry of Defence chiefs claimed the Brit soldier, from Elgin, Scotland, must have recovered from his post-traumatic stress disorder because he travelled to Iraq and Syria to battle ISIS as a volunteer fighter.

They accused him of fraud and of unfairly pocketing a £70-a-week pension which he has received since 2003 because of his condition.

Yet, last month, a judge threw out the case calling it "a nonsense" because of a lack of evidence.

Alan said: "The Government has harassed people like me but they are protecting her.

"She's back here being looked after and protected by the state – the very state she wanted to destroy.

"You couldn't make it up."

Alan has interviewed dozens of jailed ISIS militants on camera in camps in north-east Syria.

He even rescued a Yazidi sex slave in al-Hawl compound which was packed with extremists.

The Scot is working on a documentary featuring explosive, never-before-seen interviews with western jihadis, including Brits.

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