Real-life Indiana Jones 'closing in on the Holy Grail in West London' as experts diver river

A REAL-life Indiana Jones says he is closing in on the Holy Grail — after experts diverted a river in suburban London for him.

Barrie-Jon Bower thinks he has detected secret chambers which hold the long-lost chalice.

He used ground penetrating radar to survey the bed of the man-made river which was diverted by the Environment Agency for him to explore.

It showed there were voids, where there should have been solid ground.

Mr Bower, 40, said: “I’m so excited. I’m certain that there’s a vault under there.”

The Sun told last December how he has spent years and thousands of pounds on his quest for the Holy Grail — the cup from which Jesus was said to have drunk at the Last Supper.

His research has linked it to the Knights Templar, ­warrior monks he believes trained on Hounslow Heath before their trips to the Holy Lands.

On their return, he claims, they built a crypt to hide seized relics.

Its entrance was hidden near a weir on the Duke of Northumberland’s River.

Mr Bower, of Cinderford, Gloucs, and a team of experts spent hours surveying the drained bed of the river.

He said: “There’s real unevenness in the ground. It shows something buried and an attempt to cover over it.”

One of the experts said: “What we’ve found is interesting. There’s anomalies there.”

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