Queen’s daughter-in-law laughs off claims royals have formed ‘magnificent seven’

Her Majesty the Queen's daughter-in-law the Countess of Wessex has laughed off suggestions that the Royal Family have formed a "magnificent seven".

The term was coined for senior royals carrying out royal duties in the wake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepping back from royal life, Prince Andrew also stepping away from royal duties, and the death of Prince Philip.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate, Prince Edward and Sophie, and Princess Anne are believed to make up the seven.

But during an interview with Naga Munchetty’s BBC Radio 5 Live show, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, rolled her eyes at the term being used.

During the interview, Ms Munchetty raised the term "magnificent seven", and then said: "I can see your face, your eyes have gone up to the ceiling and you're now laughing.

"I've looked at the numbers of engagements you perform over the years and they're in the hundreds, every year."

But the Countess humbly suggested her workload is actually not proving to be an issue for her.

She said: "I can only do a certain amount every year, my office is only so big, I can only do so much but it means there is more attention on what I'm doing. That can only be a good thing.

"The organisations that I work with by default should receive more attention."

Asked about how she gets privacy in moments when it is needed, she said: "That hasn't changed much, we have got a lot of really good close friends who we know and trust, we don't broadcast what we are doing.

"There are moments where we are doing semi-private things but in a public space and in those circumstances you have to accept there will be an amount of attention, if you are somewhere where there are going to be cameras, well it is what it is.

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"When you are in a really private space and somebody invades that I think you have a right to say, whoa, you've overstepped the line here.

"But generally speaking we have a pretty good private life."

In a wide-ranging interview, the Countess also spoke about the "giant-sized hole" Prince Philip's tragic death has left in the lives of the royal family.

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Speaking about the duke, Sophie said: "Well he’s left a giant-sized hole in our lives. I think unfortunately the pandemic has slightly skewed things, inasmuch as it’s hard to spend as much time with the Queen as we would like to.

"We’ve been trying to, but of course, it’s still not that easy. And of course, the normal way of things isn’t normal yet, so we’re not necessarily doing the things that we would normally have done with him.

"So I think the whole grieving process is probably likely for us to take a lot longer. It may be the same for many other families out there. Because if you’re not living with somebody, 24/7, the immediate loss isn’t necessarily felt in the same way, as if somebody was in the house with you all the time."

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