Prince Harry said Meghan Markle was the 'most beautiful woman he had seen in his life' after first date, new book claims

PRINCE Harry said Meghan Markle was the "most beautiful woman he had seen in his life" after his first date with the former actress.

The Duke of Sussex confessed Meghan's beauty to a friend following their blind date at London's Soho House, the new book 'Finding Freedom' claims.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, who have co-written the tell-all biography, have revealed the Prince's initial reaction to meeting Meghan Markle.

It read: "'Wow,' [Harry] later confessed to a friend.

"'The most beautiful woman I've seen in my life.'

"Perhaps she sensed his nerviousness, becasuew the couple was somewhat bashful at first.

"However it didn't take long for them to start chatting easily. Very easily."

The book has also claimed that Meghan Markle "emboldened" Prince Harry to quit the Royal Family – but that he already wanted to leave.

The authors say that Harry was "very much on board with distancing himself from the public eye" but needed someone strong enough to stand by his side.

Finding Freedom, which is due for release in August, sheds new light on Meghan and Harry's decision to step down as working royals.

Bombshell book claims include:

  • Meghan "emboldened" Harry to quit the Royal Family
  • Harry told Meg 'I love you' first three months into their whirlwind romance
  • Anti-paparazzi Meghan CONSPIRED with snappers to set up shots herself
  • Harry gave Charles 20 minutes' notice before crushing his Middle East tour
  • Harry and Meg secretly got engaged two months before they told the world
  • Prince Harry was 'in a trance' after he met Meg on their first date

The book, which was serialised over the weekend in the Sunday Times, has laid bare family disputes with the monarchy and is believed to have ruined any hopes of returning to royal duties when Megxit is reviewed.

A royal household source said: "The door will always be open to them as much-loved members of the family. 

"But it's hard to see how they can now salvage the new role they wanted as 'hybrid' royals, running commercial careers alongside royal duties from the US."

The pair deny giving interviews to authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand or in any way contributing.

But the book is littered with intimate anecdotes that only the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or their very closest friends, would know.


It makes a string of complaints about the Royal Family and has re-opened wounds between the LA-based couple and The Firm.

Finding Freedom tells how Meghan was driven to Harry's cottage in Kensington Palace for a cosy night in after he told a pal she was "ticking every box fast".

She had joked after a recent two-year relationship ended before her first visit to London, she'd be happy with "a nice English gentleman to flirt with".

Harry was left "in a trance" after meeting Meghan for their first date, a pal claimed in the book.

The pair were "in their own little world" for three hours over beers and martinis at London's Dean Street Townhouse, after being introduced by a friend.

The couple have never shared who it was who set them up on that first date, and within days of the meeting Meghan began to hint at the blossoming relationship.

She posted on Instagram a photo of a Love Hearts candy saying “Kiss Me” with the caption “Lovehearts in #London” – a possible message to Harry.

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