Prince Harry ‘exposed’ Charles’ ‘secret health battle’ in memoir, expert claims

Prince Harry is said to have "exposed" a "secret health battle" of King Charles III in his recent memoir, Spare, an expert claimed.

Expert Daniela Elser reckons that the Duke of Sussex has revealed that his father was struggling from health woes while they were spending time at Balmoral, the King's private Scottish residence.

"Neck and back" injuries were alleged by the Duke, and expert Elser has since claimed that the revelation in Harry's autobiography shows there may be "other royal health problems" members of the public do not know about.

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Her suggestion come as she writes relating to an extract from Spare, the autobiography of Prince Harry, where it was heard that the King was in need of someone for "helping him dress".

The Duke wrote: "Open the wrong door and you might burst in on Pa while his valet was helping him dress. Worse, you might blunder in as he was doing his headstands.

"Prescribed by his physio, these exercises were the only effective remedy for the constant pain in Pa’s neck and back. Old polo injuries, mostly."

Writing for, expert Elser believes Harry has revealed more than he should have, and that questions over the health status of members of the Royal Family may now rise.

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Elser wrote: "Never before has there ever been any suggestion that the unflagging Charles might have been in 'constant pain' for all the decades that he was undertaking hundreds of engagements annually."

The expert also noted that the "obvious question" was now "if we didn’t know about this 'constant pain' situation, what other royal health problems might we not know about?"

She added: "This is not the first time the world has only found out long after the fact that Charles was in a much worse way than anyone in a pinstriped suit was letting on."

It comes after a previous injury to Charles during a polo game in 2000 was believed to be a minor knock, but turned out to be a worrying incident that saw the King dropped on his head and "swallowing my tongue", as he said in a 2006 interview.

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