Popeye bodybuilder starts training for next MMA fight with ‘Russian Hulk’

Kiril Tereshin, 23, dubbed Popeye for his bulging biceps, has been filmed starting his training with the "Russian Hulk" after suffering a humiliating MMA defeat.

Last week, the notorious bodybuilder was captured being a target practice for Tamaev Asxab, 18, also known as Russian Hulk.

But in a new clip, the Asxab was captured training Tereshin ahead of his next fight.

In the clip, Asxab can be heard ordering the man to move up and down while performing press-ups.

Popeye stops for a brief moment to say something but his counterpart is quick to get him back to work.

The clip was filmed in Moscow, Russia, and was uploaded to Instagram earlier today.

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It was captioned: "Do you want me to go to the fight according to the rules of Ashab Tamaev?"

Kiril hit headlines last month after being decimated by blogger Oleg Mongol in just three minutes in his first MMA fight.

The bodybuilder is known for his swollen biceps, gained as a result of injecting highly dangerous substance Synthol.

The drug is commonly used by bodybuilders to give them a temporary enlarged effect during a competition.

But there are now concerns now over Tereshin’s health, with doctors warning he may end up having his arms amputated.

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But there are now concerns now over Tereshin’s health, with doctors warning he may end up having his arms amputated.

The injections reportedly cause tissue fibrosis, followed by necrosis, and seriously affect a person’s health.

He admitted he may have to go to the UK for treatment.

Kiril said: “At the moment, my arms are in a bad state and are reddening.

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“I have launched a fundraiser to see a doctor in Europe for treatment that costs around 3 million RUB (£37,760).

“I would love to go to the UK for it, but the most important thing is that the treatment is successful.”

He also faced embarrassment earlier this year when he was beaten by Russian slapping champion Vasiliy “The Dumpling” Kamotskiy.

Asxab boasts a bulging 20inch neckline along with huge biceps and is set to compete for the UFC.

The 18-year-old is popular on social media for his crazy workouts.

It comes after a porn star turned MMA fighter suffered a humiliating defeat in her first fight ever.

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