Police arrest man evading officers – 53yo Sean Broderick still on the run

A man who jumped into water near Greenhithe Wharf in Auckland to evade police has been arrested.

The 43-year-old is now in custody and “charges are likely to follow”, police say.

However, police say he is not Sean Broderick, 53, as they previously reported. Broderick is still on the run with active charges, police say.

Earlier today, the 43-year-oldthought to be Broderick was seen near Greenhithe Wharf before jumping into the water to evade officers.

Turns out it wasn’t Broderick but another man.

The man swam about 200m across the water to Paremoremo near Buckleys Track and Ngarahana Ave.

Police said he was breaching his bail, and was arrested by police.

“He is in custody and charges are likely to follow.”

At the time police thought it was Broderick, a spokesman said he was considered dangerous and should not be approached.

Police say Broderick has been jailed 113 times for various crimes.

Most recently, he was sentenced to home detention for stealing a car with a baby girl inside is being hunted by police.

He said at the time he was unaware the baby was sleeping in the back seat when he took the car from the forecourt of a Whangārei petrol station.

Broderick was sentenced in December to six months’ home detention, with six-month post-release conditions but it’s unclear if he is still serving that sentence.

Residents were warned to lock their doors and stay inside.

“One of the neighbours was saying take your clothes off the line as well because he might be looking to disguise himself,” Graeme, who did not want to use his last name, said.

He said the area was a “real community” and all the neighbours were looking out for each other.

Police, including the Eagle helicopter and dogs, had been hunting for the man.

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