Pet store owner claims alleged guinea pig thieves threw one at him

One unlucky guinea pig went from hopeful family pet to weapon in a matter of minutes during a pet shop robbery gone awry.

A Kentucky pet store owner alleges that a pair of women stole two guinea pigs from his store, throwing one of them at him as they made their escape on Saturday.

Owner Scott Gonyaw told a local broadcast station that he was almost immediately suspicious of the two when they walked in.

“(They) didn’t look like the kind of girls that would be carrying an over-sized purse, a very new-looking over-sized purse,” he said. “So I was suspicious.”

Police said the owner followed the suspects around the store and attempted to get the small animals back.

The suspects reportedly left the store and headed into the parking lot to their car. That was when Gonyaw went after them.

“I started screaming at them, ‘Give me the guinea pigs!’ and the other little girl reached down, got one to them out of the bag, went to give it out to me, and the other girl pulled her back into the car,” he explained.

That was when one of the women threw four-month-old guinea pig, Lucky, at Gonyaw before driving over his foot, causing serious bruising.

Lucky for Lucky, the animal survived to tell the tale. The second guinea pig, however, remains missing.

Isabelle Mason, 21, and Jaimee Pack, 19, were arrested in connection to the crime and are currently being held at Boyle County Detention Center.

According to Boyle County jail documents, they both face charges of first-degree robbery, second-degree cruelty to animals and shoplifting.

Mason has an additional charge for wanton endangerment (wantonly engaging in conduct which creates serious injury to another person).

Both of their bond amounts are listed at US$10,000.

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