OnlyFans couple have sex against sacred tree before outraged police arrest them

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An OnlyFans couple have been arrested after filming a steamy sex session against a sacred tree in Thailand.

The sex-mad couple were alerted to the police after furious locals came across the video which shows the "disrespectful" act against the rubber trees in Chiang Mai province.

The pair have since confessed to being the people featured in the X-rated film, which was posted on the adult platform last month.

Police traced the couple to a villa in neighbouring Phayao province on October 4 and found more than 20 cosplay outfits.

They also discovered hard disks, computers and electronic equipment used in producing adult videos and have collected all of the items for evidence.

It has been confirmed that the young couple have been remanded in custody while investigations into the incident continue.

Police Lieutenant General Piya Tawichai said: "We found more than 70 videos recorded in different provinces and other districts in Chiang Mai.

'We are working on expanding the arrest as two or more people have also been involved in producing the video.

"We will check if they have been involved in any money laundering offences."

The pair allegedly charged 500 baht, or a little less than £11, to those who wanted access to their video on OnlyFans. They were also allegedly earning from at least four other platforms.

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General Tawichai said the police investigation led to other Thai accounts that produced similar content to make money which he warned the authorities would pursue.

He said: "Police investigations found other couples that are also producing private videos to make money from the platform.

"It is not only immoral but is also illegal so I request parents and guardians to supervise their children to not be involved in such things."

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Chiang Mai cultural affairs chief Wallop Namuangphrom said the video was 'shameful and highly inauspicious'.

He said that a seance would be held at the spot to remove the bad luck from the tress caused by the adult video.

Indecency laws in Thailand, which is still a relatively conservative Buddhist country, state that pornography-related offences can lead up to three years in prison along with a fine of up to 60,000 baht (£1,304).

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