OnlyFans and TikTok boxers in odd catfight scrap at crazy pre-fight conference

This is the moment OnlyFans enemies Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett scrapped on stage at their press conference today ahead of their boxing fight next month.

The two models, who have been going at each other on TikTok for months, will step into the ring at the Indigo in London's O2 Arena on July 16.

In what was surely one of the most baffling boxing press conferences of all time, Elle and Astrid appeared alongside co-main event stars Ed Matthews and Simple Simon in a room packed with rowdy teenage fans.

The adult stars actually traded blows on two separate occasions.

The event got off to a tense start after Astrid declared years of "unspoken rivalry" between the pair led her to conclude that Elle "needs a smack in the face".

Elle then accused Astrid of "getting her t*ts out at holocaust memorials", to which Astrid retorted by saying her opponent looks like WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar.

The most bizarre moment came as six little people wearing sunglasses marched onto the stage carrying a coffin.

It contained a blow-up doll with Astrid's face on, which was later kicked and stamped on by a group of teens in the crowd after Elle encouraged them to "batter the c*nt".

Astrid hit back by comparing what Elle calls her "designer vagina" to a "kebab".

Throughout, it was clear that most of the fans were on Elle's side, although Astrid remained unfazed and continued to insist Elle would get "sparked".

Elle also told Astrid: "You're going to bleed from every orifice on your face."

The fisticuffs came as the pair stood inches away from one another in a traditional combat sports face-off.

After telling Astrid she would "kill" her, Elle reiterated her earlier threat by pinching her opponents nose and declaring "this is gonna bleed".

Astrid shoved Elle back, who then managed to land a strong kick in reply before they were separated by security guards.

Another scuffle broke out moments later as Ed and Simon were preparing for their face-off.

Screams could be heard from the audience before a blur of limbs and blonde hair barrelled back onto the stage as the two models swung wildly at each other.

Security were forced to intervene once more.

This wasn't the first time Elle and Astrid have fought as they were previously spotted trading blows in a nightclub spat.

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