Only a quarter of Brits enjoy the hot weather – four in ten moan about it

Nearly half of Brits admit to moaning about the heat when the sun comes out – with only a quarter saying they actually enjoy the hot weather, a study has found.

The ideal outdoor temperature for Brits was found to be below 25 degrees C – with a poll of 2,000 adults revealing that three in ten struggle in the sun, while just 18% claim they thrive.

Brits who dread the temperature rising will take measures such as splashing cold water in their face, taking a cold shower or bath, and even covering their wrists and neck with cold cloths in an attempt to combat the heat.

And 45% would even consider air conditioning in their homes to try to cool down.

The findings come as the UK faces amber weather warnings for extreme heat, as temperatures look set to soar to highs of 38 degrees next week.

Stephan Lang, split and sky air specialist at Daikin UK, which commissioned the research, said: “Despite living in a cooler climate, it seems that when we do get blessed with warmer weather, Brits aren’t that thrilled about it.

“It might be because it’s not something we’re used to, or that it’s just a wonderfully British thing to complain about when it gets too hot.

“Either way, it also means that we need to create a sanctuary indoors where we can relax, concentrate, and get things done.”

The study also found a quarter of those polled are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t like the heat as much as them – with 33% bickering about holiday hotspots as a result.

Other common things to argue about on a hot day include where to sit in a beer garden (25%), whether windows and doors should be kept open or closed (39%), and the air con vs heating debate in the car (27%).

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of those who prefer cooler climates claim they have always been a “cold” person, and 37% will always complain to others when it’s too hot.

Despite this, almost half (46%) admit to pretending they enjoy the warmer temperatures – but when it arrives, they just can’t handle the heat.

And three in ten will spend most of the day indoors to avoid overheating, with 42% admitting it’s likely they’ll end up looking red like a “lobster” if they spend too long in the sun.

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The study, conducted via OnePoll, also found when holidaying abroad, seven in ten will spend most of it trying to find shade.

As a result, 76% enjoy living in the UK because of its cooler weather.

On the flip side, of those who prefer hotter climates, four in ten would consider moving abroad to a warmer country because they like the heat so much.

To keep themselves warm during the colder months, half of sun-seekers (51%) will turn to a hot water bottle, while 28% will typically exercise on the spot.

And 44% will wear shorts and t-shirts all year round – whatever the weather.

Stephan Lang added: “It’s clear from our research that we all have very different views about the “ideal” temperature, but there’s no need to resort to extreme measures to manage your temperature.

“A lot of people associate air conditioning with just cooling, but modern units carefully balance room temperatures – which means they heat and cool – as well as humidity levels and air purity, to create the most comfortable climate, all year round.”

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