NASA release warning after ‘strong solar flare’ seen blasting from the sun

NASA has released a warning regarding a solar flare that has been given off by the sun.

The flare was emitted late on Sunday (October 2), blasting out of the volatile surface of the gas lump at the centre of our solar system.

The flares, however, can lead to complications for various elements of human infrastructure, including radio signals, electrical networks and navigation systems.

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In the US, at the time of writing, emergency responders are in the process of trying to solve the problems created by Hurricane Ian, which has smashed into Florida on the southeastern coast of the country.

With phone networks in the region down, radio networks are the primary choice of communication method and so the incoming flare could have huge impacts.

Sunday’s flare might not be alone – a series of them are expected to fire out of the Sun in the coming days.

This is because a “large complex region” of the Sun is now facing the Earth causing an increase in the likelihood of further disruption.

The flare already released has been categorised as at the bottom – 1 – of the most powerful bracket – X – giving it the classification of X1.

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Using the agency’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA administrator Thomas Zurbuchen and the NASA website shared an image of the flare as it flew off the surface of the Sun.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory is dedicated to looking at the Sun to watch for flares and doesn't miss anything as it comes off the surface of the sun.

Radio blackouts have been reported, according to theIndependent, with the other flares expected in the coming days.

The Met Office said in a statement: "Solar activity is forecast to be moderate to high, with flares likely from the large region in the northeast and the region in the northwest".

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