Mystery over missing YouTuber deepens as ‘person of interest’ fiancé vanishes

The mystery of missing 'van-life girl' Gabby Petito has deepened with the disappearance of her fiancé Brian Laundrie.

YouTubers Petito and Laundrie set off from their Florida home in June on a on a cross-country trip to visit a number of national parks across America.

North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison said that Petito, 22, “maintained regular contact with her family members during her travels, however that communication abruptly stopped around the end of August”.

On August 12, police in Utah reported that they had had to intervene in “some sort of altercation" involving the couple.

Utah cop Eric Pratt reported at the time: “Both the male and female reported they are in love and engaged to be married and desperately didn't wish to see anyone charged with a crime”.

His colleague Daniel Robbins described Petito as "confused and emotional."

"After evaluating the totality of the circumstances, I do not believe the situation escalated to the level of a domestic assault as much as that of a mental health crisis," he added.

On August 24, Petito FaceTimed her mum and said they were leaving Utah and heading to the Teton mountains in Wyoming.

After that, the only messages Petito’s mother received were via text. She says that she doubts that her daughter sent the last of those messages herself.

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Laundrie returned to his parents’ home in North Port, Florida, where he lived with Petito, on September 1, according to police. He was driving Petito's white Ford van.

On September 11, Petito’s family reported her missing and police went to the home she shared with Laundrie.

Officers were "essentially handed the information for their attorney," North Port police spokesperson Josh Taylor said.

Laundrie's attorney confirmed on Friday that the 23-year-old is missing and that the FBI is now searching for both Laundrie and Petito.

Police have named Laundrie a 'person of interest' in their inquiry into Petito’s disappearance, but say that as yet there is no hard evidence any crime has been committed.

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