Mum who drowned twins ‘in revenge’ at ex sends ‘twisted’ letter to kids’ nan

A mum who drowned her baby twins in alleged revenge against her husband has sent a "twisted" letter to their grandmother.

Samantha Ford, 38, killed 23-month-old babies Jake and Chloe in the bath on Boxing Day after returning to the UK from Qatar with partner Steven, 36.

The relationship soured after they ended up in Margate, Kent.

Before their split, Ford had told her husband: “You have ripped my world apart, now we are nothing but a miserable, broken family growing up in a s***hole.”

Last night, Steven revealed the killer sent his mum a letter from the mental health unit she’s currently being treated in.

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He said: "The UK failed justice system strikes again. The murderer who killed my children has sent a twisted letter to my mum.

“Trevor Gibbens Unit in Maidstone should be ashamed for letting this happen. The injustice continues."

Ford was sentenced to 10 years in August after admitting two counts of manslaughter by diminished responsibility at The Old Bailey.

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A psychiatrist told the court that Samantha “wanted revenge” when she killed their children.

Steven told Kent Online: “I’m talking to the police and the unit to see if we can prevent this from happening again.

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"My mum is absolutely distraught by this. It's made her ill. She's been crying all day.

"The letter is her blaming me for the death of my children. Blaming my mum for not supporting her and she calls me a sicko and says my behaviour is disgusting.

"It's further proof she is a narcissist. She says she won't return my children's belongings to me, which her family have, and that she will not make the divorce easy.

"Not once does she say sorry for what she has done."

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Steven last saw his children on Christmas Day – just a day before they were killed by their mum.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, Mr Ford spoke of the "indescribable pain" he has suffered since the death of his children.

He said: “Jake and Chloe were wanted babies. Samantha and I went through four attempts of IVF and years of heartache.

“I have night terrors. These have become more frequent in recent weeks and happened in the middle of the night.

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"I wake myself up screaming or throwing items within my reach in my bedroom. I find these incidents particularly disturbing.

“Sometimes in the morning when I get out of bed I get out on autopilot and go to the twins' room to get them up.”

He told the court he had no idea anything was wrong when he dropped them back at Ford's on Boxing Day.

He was woken on December 28 by police letting him know what had happened.

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