Mum insists she's filmed 'family of 12ft crocodiles' swimming in sea off UK coast – what do you think? | The Sun

A SHOCKED mum insists she spotted two "absolutely huge" crocodiles swimming off the UK coast and has the video to 'prove' it.

Sarah Craven and her family were shocked after one of her sons screamed "crocodiles!"while dolphin spotting off a cliff on the Yorkshire coast.

But were they crocodiles or ‘rockodiles’ – a term the public have quickly coined to suggest a more likely explanation in response to the video.

Nevertheless, the determined mum insists she could see two massive crocodiles with bumpy reptile-like skin, front and back legs as well as long pointy tails.

Miss Craven told The Scarborough News: “We moved further along the cliff to get a closer look and I started to take pictures and videos.

“They were absolutely huge. The biggest we could see might be 12ft. There was a mother and father one, and then there looked to be a smaller one in the middle.

“I’m 100 per cent sure they were crocodiles, and my partner and both children feel the same."

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She quickly posted her footage of the alleged reptiles on TikTok and people rushed to the comments.

One user wrote: "Try dolphins all down east coast…Think you need to go to spec savers mate."

'Rocodiles' and 'Crocorocks' began to trend in the comment section, with most people believing the video to be a hoax.

Crocs can't swim all the way to Yorkshire!"

Another person joked and said: "Crocodiles! Where did they get their visas from?!"

Expert Angela Julian, co-ordinator at Amphibian and Reptile Groups UK, said: “It’s vanishingly unlikely. There are no crocodiles in European waters. Why would they be swimming in the North Sea?

“It’s something inexplicable, but I don’t know what. Lots of crocodiles turn out to be logs. It’s a running joke as a crocodile spotter.

“People send me all sorts of photos, showing strange-looking creatures, but most turn out to be bits of plastic."

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However, leaving it open to speculation, she did say: “It’s possible for the crocodiles to be there because somebody put them there."

In response to experts who debunked her theory, Miss Craven said: "Experts would say it’s not possible, but they would say that because they wouldn’t want to put the fear factor on tourists."

Last year, another Yorkshire woman spotted a 'crocodile', but this time in a neighbour's back garden.

A terrified Sarah Jayne Ellis photographed the 4ft 'croc' lurking next door.

The nurse said: "I was shutting the blinds in the bedroom when I saw it on the grass. I looked a couple of hours later and it was gone."

However, the mysterious "Castleford Croc" was later proved to be the neighbour's son's toy.

Nigel Holroyd cleared up the confusion when he was shocked to see his garden all over the news.

He explained: "It’s just a plastic toy crocodile.

"I left it in the grass to scare off my neighbour’s cat from my garden, but I ended up scaring her.

"It’s certainly got out of hand," he said. "I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve even spoken to (Sarah) yet.

"She never came round and said, 'Oh, there’s a crocodile in your back garden'."

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