Mother faces jail after posting pictures of ex's 'little d***' online

Jilted mother, 29, faces jail after posting ‘revenge porn’ pictures of naked her ex boyfriend on social media and then taunting him about his performance in bed

  • Yasmin Walker, 29, from Scarborough, shared naked photo of ex on Instagram
  • Mother-of-two Walker told magistrates she had shared the image accidentally
  • The photo’s caption read: ‘What the f*** is that?’ with three laughing face emojis
  • Found guilty of disclosing personal sexual photo with intent to cause distress
  • Walker will be sentenced next month and was warned she could face time in jail 

A woman has been told she could go to jail after she posted an explicit picture of her ex-boyfriend on social media.

Yasmin Walker, 29, from Scarborough, posted the naked photo on her Instagram where it could be seen by her 1,300 followers after the fling ended.

The photo was given the caption ‘What the f*** is that?’ and was shared with laughing face emojis.

Yasmin Walker, 29, from Scarborough, has been found guilty of sharing a personal sexual photo of her ex-boyfriend with the intent to cause distress and will be sentenced next month

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard the victim was at the cinema with his brother when his phone ‘started going mad’, according to the Sun.

When he was told about the picture, he reportedly begged mother-of-two Walker to take the picture down but she refused.

The Sun reported she then teased him on Whatsapp by sending him a message that said: ‘Not my fault you got a little d*** and is s*** in bed.’

Prosecutors told the court Walker’s intention was to ‘callously’ humiliate her ex-boyfriend.

Mother-of-two Walker told the court she had shared the naked photo accidentally. The caption on Instagram, where she has 1,300 followers, read: ‘What the f*** is that’ with laughing emojis

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he has been ‘nervous’ meeting clients and has had things shouted at him on nights out because of the incident.

Walker, who claimed she had posted the picture accidentally, was found guilty of disclosing a personal sexual photo with intent to cause distress at the town’s magistrates’ court.

She will be sentenced next month. 

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