Mother-daughter 'Karens' kicked off flight for 'unsafe' behavior

Flight privilege: Mother and daughter dubbed ‘Karen and Karen 2.0’ are kicked off Southwest flight from Sacramento to San Diego after yelling at passengers to move seats so that they could sit on the aisle

  • The incident was recorded by a woman on Tik Tok as she sat on a two-hour delayed flight from Sacramento to San Diego
  • The daughter claimed that the mother would grab, scream and cry if she did not get an aisle seat
  • A few flight attendants had to admonish the pair about their behavior, before calling for their removal
  • Passengers on the plane applauded as the women were escorted off the aircraft 

A mother and daughter dubbed Karen and Karen 2.0 were booted from a Southwest flight after demanding that other passengers move because they wanted aisle seats.

A female passenger con the July 15 flight took to TikTok and recorded the incident  on her phone as the two blonde-haired women began making threats.

The flight was going from Sacramento to San Diego and had already been delayed two hours with the pair arriving as the plane doors were closing.

Due Southwest’s first-come, first-serve policy, the women were not able to get the aisle seats they wanted on the jam-packed plane.

The daughter then hollers at other passengers to move their seats so her and her mother could sit where they wanted, according to the video shot by TikTok user official_norcal_mom.

The shouting upset the flight attendants. 

One flight attendant told them: ‘We have families. We have little kids. We can’t have people yelling.’

A woman on Tik Tok recorded an incident on a Southwest flight in mid-July that involved a mother and daughter yelling at other passengers to give up their seats as the pair wanted aisle seats

The daughter then claimed she wasn’t yelling, but just trying to make an announcement.

While a flight attendant offered to call a supervisor to handle the incident, the daughter turns to the flight attendant to say her mother will grab, scream and cry, according to the viral video, which has nearly half-a-million views.

Another flight attendant then had to approach them and said they could not be making statements like that or they would be booted off the flight.

The video then cut to the daughter discussing the situation with her mother, who had apparently gotten someone to move and was sitting in her desired aisle seat.

Flight attendants had to address the issue with the women due to their threatening and inappropriate behavior

The daughter defended their case as she claims she was not yelling but said that her mother would grab, scream and cry to the other passengers if she did not get her way

A third flight attendant then had to tell them that their threatening claims were ‘unsafe’ and both the mother and daughter were booted off the flight. 

The commotion held the plane up for another hour much to the annoyance of the other passengers, who applauded as the Karens their escorted by a security guard  off the plane.

In a follow-up video, official_norcal_mom stated the mother especially was rude from the time she got on till the time she got off.

A total of three flight attendants had to approach them before they were kicked off as the other passengers applauded

The video ended with her thanking Southwest for the decision to remove them. attempted to contact Southwest Airlines about the incident, but no statement or response was given.

Other Tik Tok users commented on the incident and the entitled behavior of the two women.

One user said: ‘We need to pay flight attendants more money.’

‘It’s the privilege they thought they could use’, another said.  

The flight from Sacramento to San Diego had already been delayed for two hours, with an additional third hour because of the Karens

In a follow up video, the Tik Toker added that the mother and daughter were on their own and had been rude from the time they got on till the time they got off

A few also commented on the fact that the pair should have flown on another airline if they wanted specific seats.

In reference to the seating policy, a user said: ‘If it’s so important to have an aisle seat they should have flown an airline where you can reserve your seat. Not Southwest.’ 

This is not the first ‘Karen’ incident that Southwest has seen on one of their flights this year.

In April, a woman was kicked off for refusing to comply with COVID policies by not wearing a mask on the flight.

After an argument with the flight attendant, the woman was booted off for her behavior and flipped off the other passengers who also applauded her removal. 

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