Moment mother is dragged out of car with SECONDS to grab baby

Heart-stopping moment mother is dragged out of her car by three knife-wielding men leaving her with SECONDS to grab her baby out of the back seat before they steal the vehicle

  • The footage was captured in Gorton in Manchester on Thursday evening 
  • The driver has seconds to run around to the back of the vehicle and get her baby 

This shocking footage captured the moment a mother was dragged out of a car with a knife to her throat before rushing to rescue her baby as her car was stolen in broad daylight. 

The footage, filmed in Gorton, Manchester shows the vehicle stopped in the middle of a residential area while one man leans into the drivers side of the vehicle. 

The woman can be heard screaming as she is dragged from the car. 

The footage captures the moment the mother was dragged from her vehicle 

She then escapes his grasp and rushes around the back of the car while two more men run up to jump into the vehicle. 

She barely has time to pull her small baby out of the vehicle before the three men drive the car away from the scene at speed. 

The vehicle was later found a short distance away on Manby Road in Gorton, but it is believed that the thieves still have the driver’s car keys and phone. 

* Edit, thank you to everybody for your help, comments and shares, my daughter and my grandson are OK, they’re just…

After she exits the vehicle, the man enters the car, while she rushes to rescue her baby 

Two more men enter the car while the mother is getting her baby out of the back seat 

The car leaves the scene at high speed and the woman and her baby are left at the scene 

It is thought the incident happened at around 19:00 on Thursday evening.   

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