Mom rescues missing daughter after spotting her in TV news story about homelessness

A North Dakota mom reunited with her missing daughter after spotting her being interviewed on a TV news program, according to a report.

Jill Rosenow said she was stunned to come across a news segment featuring her daughter, Alice Crawford, who was homeless in Denver, Colorado, news station WBAL-TV reported.

“It was cold. She was cold. It broke my heart,” Jill Rosenow said. “I cried. Seeing my daughter on the streets, homeless … a mother is only as happy as her saddest child.”

Two months earlier, Crawford had disappeared after attending a rehab center for drug addiction, the report said.

The TV segment on Oct. 29 showed Crawford telling news crews that she was sleeping behind a dumpster in Denver.

“This is death weather,” Crawford told 9News at the time. “If you’re not prepared for this, you’re going to die.”

Her mother said she was horrified to see her daughter on the streets and traveled with family members to find her.

“It’s just surreal to think that my daughter was standing here homeless and cold,” Rosenow said.

The family scoured the streets until they found her in a public restroom.

“Just like that. In a wonderful way it was over. The search was over,” Rosenow told 9News.

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