Ministry of Defence expert ‘doubtless’ that aliens exist due to UFO sightings

Alien life is "doubtless", according to the former head of Ministry of Defence's UFO programme.

Nick Pope, 56, said that unexplained sightings of UFO's in the UK has been "consistent" since the 1950s and the author added that some regular sightings of potential extraterrestrial spacecraft 'defied explanation'.

Pope worked for the British Government between 1991 and 1994 and the author said the possibility of other civilisations in the broad universe is real and that can include friendly, "hostile", and "super predator" species, much to the worry of the earthlings.

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The UFO expert was on Nicky Campbell's podcast Different, where he spoke on his time in the programme and the sightings he witnessed.

"The bread and butter of my job [in the MoD] was to investigate the 200 or 300 sightings we got each year.

"Most of those turned out to be misidentifications – meteors and satellites and fireballs, and airships and bright stars and planets, lasers and searchlights… all of that.

"But in amongst that, consistently – not just in my time on the programme but dating back to the 1950s – there was this sort of hardcore of five per cent or so sightings that we couldn't explain, that seemed to defy explanation."

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Governments across the world have been routinely accused of knowing aliens exist but covering them up but according to Pope, that was not the case during his stay in the Ministry of Defence.

"Sometimes we had photos, videos that intelligence community imagery analysts couldn't debunk or explain, sometimes we had radar data and we never got to the bottom of the mystery.

"A lot of people say that the MoD was and still is involved in a cover up – it's not true. Our position was: we didn't know."

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Since his departure from the MoD, Pope has published several books on alien life and has admitted he believes numerous civilisations exist with some much more advanced than the human race.

"Let me put my cards on the table," he said. "I am convinced there's intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, and I think it would be crazy to think that there's just one other civilisation.

"There will be some less advanced, but there will be lots of much more advanced civilisations than us; some friendly, some hostile, some neutral, some biological, some post-biological – we may be dealing with artificial intelligence, machine intelligence.

Pope was insistent that they exist, saying "they're doubtless out there."


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