Mick Lynch joined on picket line by his union-supporting son James

Like father, like son! Mick Lynch is joined on the picket line by his union- supporting son James who is vocal backer of crippling walkouts and even put up Thunderbirds photo on Facebook in solidarity with his dad

  • Mick Lynch is head of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers
  • He was joined on the picket line today by his son James Lynch at Euston, London
  • James often tweets in solidarity with striking members and defends walkouts 

Head of the RMT rail union Mick Lynch was joined on the picket line by his union-supporting son James who has consistently been vocal about backing the crippling strikes.  

James Lynch, 23, was seen demonstrating with his father and a small group of others at Euston station in north London today. 

He uses Twitter as a platform to defend the rail strikes which many Brits around the country blamed for disrupting their Christmas plans, for hitting back at anyone criticising his father and the rail walkouts, and for trying to set the record straight regarding Mick’s salary on strike days.

In June last year, James even posted a photo of Scott from Thunderbirds on Facebook in solidarity with his father who posted as his profile picture a photograph of The Hood, the criminal mastermind in the classic 1960s puppet TV series. 

Fans of Thunderbirds will be aware that The Hood is feared as the world’s most dangerous man, whose main aim is the acquisition of wealth, ‘regardless of justice and ethics’.

Mick Lynch being given a hot drink by his son James on the picket line today 

Mick Lynch (second from the right) with his son James (second from the left) at Euston station today

James Lynch was seen demonstrating with his father and a small group of others at Euston station in north London today

James, who according to his Facebook attended Drayton Manor High School in Hanwell, west London, relentlessly defends the decision of rail workers walking out – claiming they are ‘suffering at the hands of the Government.’

‘Us rail workers are ordinary workers and we are suffering at the hands of this Government who are forcing employers to rip up our contracts and impose new working practices, lesser terms and conditions and some cases redundancy on all of us rail workers. We need to do something,’ he tweeted on December 7.

In a tweet a week later, James said: ‘Just imagine if all the £500m profits made by rail companies last year was invested back into our economy and rail industry instead of paid out as shareholder dividends and into offshore bank accounts in loads of other countries across Europe…’

He also tries to set the record straight regarding Mick’s salary on strike days, after repeated questions from members of the public.

‘All his wages are donated to the Union’s strike fund every day that there is a strike,’ James says. 

Like father like son – James Lynch, like his father, supports the rail strikes despite criticism

James Lynch uses Twitter as a platform to express his views over rail strikes – and other industry strikes 

James hit out at tweets – including one from Piers Morgan – before Christmas suggesting that rail strikes were preventing people getting home to their families for the festive period. 

Replying to one tweet from a journalist, James said: ‘Meaning therefore that the only disrupted hours due to industrial action are 6pm-midnight on Christmas Eve and midnight-6am on 27th December. The public have therefore got from December 18th until Christmas Eve to travel to their family homes…

‘…and have from 27th December until New Year to return.’

James has also shown his support for nurses striking – saying it is for their sakes and the sake of the NHS. 

In a tweet on December 15, he said: ‘Incredible turn-out for the picket at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea. 

‘Solidarity with all nurses who today are on strike in the fight for ethical terms and conditions and a decent pay rise – both for their sakes and the sake of the NHS’s long term future.’

Back in July, the RMT member told the Workers Revolutionary Party’s ‘News Line’ : ‘We’re here today to fight for our futures.

‘We are not being valued as workers. This is when we are contributing to provide a service to the country.

‘Jobs are under threat while workers are suffering the worst cost of living crisis in modern times. We have to change that and fight for our future.

‘I’m for co-ordinated strike action to bring down the Tories.’

RMT boss Mick has claimed he wants a deal to end the long-running dispute over pay and conditions – despite inflicting more misery on passengers and businesses with a fresh wave of strikes which began yesterday.   

He insisted he does not want disruption on the railways, ahead of two 48-hour walkouts by his members that will mean only one in five trains run.

Mr Lynch blamed ministers for blocking a possible agreement between employers and his trade union, which has turned down a pay rise offer of 9 per cent over two years from Network Rail that also includes a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies for two years.

Asked yesterday by the BBC if there was still the possibility of a deal, the RMT general secretary replied: ‘I hope we can all work towards a deal but we haven’t heard from anyone formally since mid-December.’

He claimed the Government ‘simply will not have a mandate to the employers’ to resolve the dispute, adding: ‘They’ve put a block on the deal and they’re an obstacle rather than a facilitator which is unfortunate.’

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