Michael Schumacher latest: Friend reveals last meeting before ‘change in emotions’

Schumacher retired from the racetrack in 2012 and a year later suffered traumatic brain injuries in a skiing accident in the French Alps. He is thought to have been receiving round-the-clock care at a specially adapted clinic at his home in Switzerland, but little has been revealed over the years about his condition. Kai Ebel, who is a reporter for RTL Group, said he went out with the Formula One legend shortly before the accident.

When he found out about the crash, he said there was an “incredible change of emotions”.

He said he thinks about Schumacher every single day, saying “the interest in his fate is unbroken”.

He said: “We had a joint event three or four days before that. We then went to eat some food privately after he suggested it.

“We cracked some jokes, had some drinks.

“He then said that he was flying to Méribel the next day to go skiing, that his wife Corinna and the children were already there and that he was joining them.

“I told him that I had been there myself, that it was a great ski resort. Everything was wonderful.”

The Schumacher family have been very private since F1 legend Michael suffered brain damage in the accident.

Speaking about the day of the accident, Mr Ebel said: “I was sitting on my couch at home watching TV.

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“Suddenly a running text appeared on the screen: ‘Severe accident of Michael Schumacher.’

“I said to myself: Such nonsense, he’s not travelling by car or motorcycle, he’s on vacation. This can not be true.”

The 55-year-old said: “When the word ski accident was mentioned the first time, I realised that it was probably true.

“With each bit of news it became more dramatic.

“It was an incredible change of emotions. Not a single day goes by without me being asked if I know how Michael is doing.

“The interest in his fate is unbroken.”

Very little has been made public knowledge about Schumacher’s condition and well-being, with his wife, Corinna and two kids – Gina and Michael – wanting to respect their father.

However, in a recent rare interview with She Magazine in Germany, Corinna paid tribute to her husband and thanked him for “doing everything” for her and their kids.


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She said to the magazine: “When I was 30, I very much wanted to have a horse and Michael went with me to Dubai, where I intended to buy an Arabian horse.

“He did everything for me. I will never forget who I have to thank. That would be my husband Michael.”

The F1 world champion is thought to have been taken to the Goerges-Pompidou in Paris in September so he could be treated by a stem cell specialist.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg

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